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Welcome To My Steel Guitar Website 

Hello, I'm Nick Reed from Russellville, Kentucky.  I started learning to play Pedal Steel Guitar back in 1986.  I love playing my steel guitars, they're my passion.    As a child I started watching Nashville country music shows on TV.  There I saw steel players like Buddy Emmons, Curley Chalker, Don Helms, Sonny Burnette, & Hal Rugg make it look so easy.  However, when I finally saw a Pedal Steel Guitar up close it looked very intimidating because of all the strings, pedals, and knee levers involved in it's set-up.   A few of my steel guitar heros and mentors have been Buddy Emmons, Smiley Roberts, Tim Sergant, Lloyd Green, Bruce Boulton, Cal Sharp, Jimmy Crawford, David Spires, Tommy Butler, Paul Franklin, Pete Finney and John Hughey.  Through the years I've had great joy in meeting many professional and non-professional players who I try to learn from.  Those kickoffs, fills, licks, and endings I play are some I STEEL from other pickers.  Many of the Steel Guitar legends both past & present have recorded timeless classic licks on original country & gospel tunes.  Thanks for logging on to my website.  I hope you enjoy your visit and will check back often.   

Emmons Pedal Steel Guitars 

My favorite steel guitars are the original Emmons push-pulls.  In my opinion, they are the benchmark of what all other steel guitar builders had tried to unsuccessfully duplicate.  The push-pull design was invented by Buddy Emmons and the late Ron Lashley Sr.  The Emmons push-pull guitar went to actual production in 1964.

Me playing my classic 1971 Emmons Steel Guitar

Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention 

One of the biggest highlights of my Steel playing career happened in August 2007 when I got to play on stage during Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention.  The Convention is held anually every labor day weekend at the Millenium Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.

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The Country Junction Band 

Back in 2002 I started my own band called "Country Junction".  This happened after years of frustration from working with bands.  Many of them had a different philosophy from me of what country music really was and was supposed to sound like.  The Country Junction Band plays the good traditional stuff people can dance to.  None of that off the wall crap that these newer so-called country artists are putting out.  You can click on below and check out our website.